Transformational Funeral Service:
 A Funeral Director's Guide

Gaining A Competitive Edge

     Thank you for your interest in '"Transformational Funeral Service." This book has evolved from a lifetime of experience in the business I love and the profession of which I have been a part for some 65 years – preparing the dead while caring for the living.

     What started as a staff manual for our firm, the Dawson Funeral Home, took wings when I began inserting quips, theories, banters and quotes from a bevy of friends, acquaintances and, in some occurrences, individuals I have never met. In many cases, these come from the world of athletics, and there is a reason for that!

     Despite the fact that the golden egg of sports in our society is badly scrambled, there is much to be learned from being part of a team, especially when participating under the duress of an injury or enduring until collapsing seem as if they are the only options. 

     So many of us in funeral service have had that feeling but continued to pursue our goals. That, in a nut shell, is what this book is all about; that is what funeral service is all about  -- being the best when all those around you are throwing in the towel. Read it, share it, and add to it. It is a great time to be riding up front! -- FCD

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